Warning: Possible Goth Triggers

On my way to California.

U R sposed to go with flower in ur hair. 

Not dressed to recreate the Black Planet video!!


On my way to California.

U R sposed to go with flower in ur hair. Not dressed to recreate the Black Planet video!!

God damn shock-rockers destroying upper-middle-class suburbia!


Working on another recipe post for you Halloween creepsters!



Working on another recipe post for you Halloween creepsters!


You just wrote two rather long, passionate essays on classic horror and you still claim to be cured? Poor dear. You are in dire need of pastels.

It’s purely scientific observation.

Anon tricked me!!

Then my grudge lies with the script writers and the makeup department, yes?

The scriptwriters and *I strongly suspect* Universal Studios management.

However, a big influence on horror directors at the time, was the World War they had just lived through. 

This was especially true of Frankenstein director, James Whale, who was not only veteran of WWI, but had been a prisoner of war and suffered from PTSD for the rest of his life. Prior to Frankenstein, he had directed All Quiet on the Western Front, Hell’s Angels, and Waterloo Bridge - all centered around the horrors of World War I. 

Whale had a vision of haunting the public with the corpses left on the battlefield. (I can’t find the quote to that effect!!) I think the direction he and makeup artist Jack Pierce took was to make the monster a helpless corpse both killing and being hunted for reasons beyond it’s control. 

So, even though the specific decision to keep the monster silent was made before Whale was even assigned the project; I think he certainly did see the film as his own creative expression inspired by the wonderful novel NOT based on it.

In any case, you can certainly sleep well at night as a Boris Karloff fan. I think Mary Shelley would have like him, had they a Timelord to introduce them. He was a very kind, generous, and superbly gentle person. :-D

**Bela Lugosi, Claude Rains, Fritz Lang, and Buster Keaton were also WWI veterans**


The great thing about being a goth is that you have plenty of clothes hanging around for costumes when you get to go to one of those cheesy murder mystery dinners.

Goth Problem


Trying to take a selfie and the camera merges all the blacks in your outfit into one lumpy, detail-less blob. 


Halloween has arrived at my local Michaels store. Time to stock up on home décor!

::cocks shotgun::

Time to board up the doors and windahs.

Confession: I will always hold a slight grudge against Boris Karloff for portraying such an inaccurate version of the creature, and for making said portrayal the image that pops into everyone's mind when they hear the name Frankenstein.

The decision to cut the monster’s dialogue was made before the part was cast. *Supposedly* that’s why Bela Lugosi turned the role down. The decision was even made before James Whale was assigned as the film’s director.

You have to remember Frankenstein is among one the first ever “tallkies”, or films with both audio and video, so movies were still FAR from being dialogue-driven. They were still shot like silent films and had long single-take action shots or panoramas punctuated with brief clumps of dialogue. (You can really tell with Dracula.)

Perhaps that’s why the studio felt the creature shouldn’t speak? Or, since movies in general and horror movies especially were considered low-brow art by the general public in the states at the time; maybe the studio thought audiences wouldn’t sit for long eloquent speeches?

I’m not sure who made that decision or why, but it certainly was not Boris Karloff; an excellent speaker with a wonderful voice. (He narrated The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.)

He’s evil for inspiring Goths years after his death. Maybe he had not control over that either, OR MAYBE NOT!

Things you can do with scissors: cut holes in tights, cut your own hair, make an Edward Scissorhands costume, customize thrift store clothing, cut out paper bats, etc. AVOID SCISSORS AT ALL COSTS.

Good tip!

I woke up at five am and just realized I spent the whole day in my room listening to bauhaus albums on repeat while scanning etsy for pendants help


Just found this on Facebook and thought I’d submit it here

Judging by what I see on tumblr, you’re mostly the one yelling in disgust at the cyber Goth.

Hello, I love your blog and book and you in general... But I was wondering, I am an AU size 12 (US 10, I think) and i always feel too big to be goth... Am I? Is there such a thing?



::sputters incoherently::

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO BIG TO BE A GOTH. Or too small. Or too anything, really. Yes, shopping for gothy clothing when you’re even on the fringes of “normal” sized can be tricksy, but let me repeat: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO BIG TO BE A GOTH. Anyone who tries to tell you that are wrong, are assholes, and should be skewered with an icy stare and then pointedly ignored.

Let me put it this way: I am usually a US size 14/UK size 16/18. Sometimes I fit into a US size 12, and there have been times when I’ve been a US size 18. Am I always happy with how my body is? No. I have fights with the Body Image Demons, just like everyone. But even if I’m not doing great at body positivity for myself, I will ALWAYS be a fierce defender of body positivity for everyone else.

(Hey, go look at plussizegoth - it’s full of beautiful gothy types!)



(About this, if not about every thing under the Daystar - see earlier notes about SPIRIT BOARDS)

No-one is too fat or too tall or too short or too thin or too black or too brown or too WHATEVER to be goth.

You are.

If you say you are.


And I’ll hit people VERY VERY HARD who argue with me otherwise. (I can’t slap people across the internet, for which you should ALL BE INFINITELY GRATEFUL).

No size, skin color, orientation, or gender keeps anyone safe.

I’m sorry, you are all at risk. :(