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How can you listen to that depressing music?
Elder: Thanks for driving me to pick up my car.
Perky: Sure, just remember to keep at least a quarter tank of gas in it. Running on fumes all the time will destroy your full pump.
Elder: What am I; a scientist?! I should have people under me handling these petty details.
Perky: Yes, dear.
Elder: What kind of music do you have here...? Wow, Perkolator, you have some great bands on here. I thought it would be too, you know, depressing for you.
Perky: Oh, that's a silly stereotype! Just hit random on my playlist and see.
Elder: Ok.
Playlist: children were running, water was running, you were running out of time-
Perky: Wait, alright, first one doesn't count.
Playlist: It all began when they took me from my home and put me on Death Row-
Perky: No, no, no- hold on...
Playlist: it seems three years, or maybe four, someone drops dead whom I adore// you want to know why I hate you'll try and explain// Sunday is gloomy, in shadows I've spent them all-
Perky: What? That last one shouldn't even be on here!
Playlist: what does it matter if we all die?// death is everywhere!// Enola Gay, you should've stayed at home yesterday...
Perky: THERE!! Enola Gay!That's a punchy little dance number!
Elder: ...
Perky: What?
Elder: I'm just going to sit here and let you google it later.
Perky: Oh, gods, it's 99 Luftballons all over isn't it?
Elder: Exactly.


25 years from now cyber goth will become trad goth

::sits back with popcorn and watches eagerly::

The Damned - Cars
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The Damned covering Cars by Gary Numan - i guarantee you will not regret listening to this

Cap:  All that happened was, right, in this fucking club, I told Gary Numan “Vanian’s coming over now to have a go at you ‘cos he thinks you’ve stolen his image”, and I said to Dave “Gary’s a really nice bloke, why don’t you go and shake hands with him!” So Dave goes walking over to Gary Numan, and Gary Numan hides under a table!.



Robert Smith vs. Morrissey. I enjoy this so much omg

did someone just slip me acid

whatever is ‘appening

Eldergoth: Hey are you coming out this weekend? I'm trying to figure out if it be worth it.
Postpunker: No, you know I don't do well with Goths... except you, I mean.
Eldergoth: What are talking about?!
Postpunker: You know how I get stressed out. They wear a Dead Boys shirt they got at Hot Topic and tell me its a t shirt for an "old vampire movie."
Eldergoth: No, no, I mean -really? for fuck's sake- what I mean is YOU are a Goth... right?
Postpunker: No.
Eldergoth: What?! Oh, come on! You wear a lot of black, you watch classic horror, you paint and write poetry, you're snarky-
Postpunker: I guess I'm kind of an arty intellectual.
Cyber: Hey, what are we talking about?
Eldergoth: You are, right now, wearing a skeleton key necklace, all black clothing, and you have Talking Heads, The Fall, and Wire buttons and patches on your portfolio, we were JUST talking about Depeche Mode-
Postpunker: None of those things make me a Goth, I'm sorry.
Eldergoth: -but but but the eyeliner!
Postpunker: No.
Cyber: I'm wearing eyeliner!
Eldergoth: It's yellow.
Postpunker: I do like a lot about the whole Goth scene and all kinds of Gothic art but I just can't squeeze into that box. I'm not saying I'm better or worse than you; I'm just me. Honestly, I don't want to give up anything about myself to fit any group's mould. Do you understand?
Eldergoth: That is soooooo hardcore Goth.
Postpunker: THIS IS WHY YOU CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS! /storms away/
Cyber: Elder. elder. Elder. elder. Elder, I'm Goth. I'll hang out with you!
Cyber: /smiles/
Eldergoth: So that Additall doesn't help you pay attention then?
Eldergoth: /runs after Postpunker/ Don't leave me, Ian!
If Morrissey says don’t eat meat, then I’m going to eat meat, because I hate Morrissey
Robert Smith (via grou-se)

h/t to gothtriggers
Book Club
Victorian: //knock//knock//
Victorian: //knock//knock//
Eldergoth: Go away! I'm busy!
Victorian: How absurd! All you do is write, and if you were engaged in that all-consuming venture, you would be secluded in your alcove, releasing the proverbial hounds by now.
Eldergoth: //cracks door// What? What is it?
Victorian: Would you endeavor to embark upon-
muffled cries:
Eldergoth: You have two seconds.
Victorian: Book club- Master and Margarita- my place- 8:30
Eldergoth: That's acceptable. //tries to shut door//
Victiorian: But, pray, what was that noise? Me thinks...
Eldergoth: Look! Looky! Looky-loo at this! Melmoth the Wonderer- you want it? Yeah?! You want it?! Go get it! //throws book//
Victorian: GIMMEH!
Eldergoth: Unabridged and annotated motherfucker! //slams door//
muffled cries:
Eldergoth: I TOLD YOU; you aren't getting out of the basement until you can tell me why the phrase "Is she really going out with him?" is the perfect 'death rock' sentence; it COULD. NOT. BE. SIMPLER.
muffled cries:
Eldergoth: And re-write that essay on protogoth influences; YOU DIDN'T EVEN MENTION MARC BOLAN! Oh, why do I even bother? Book club, eh? I'm gonna need my sassing glasses...


Tacky Macro Tuesday, AGAIN!

Hahahah brilliant!! ;’)
Blixa: Oh, you bastard! How dare you get into my private correspondence?!
Teho: *oh no, he’s going to strangle me :’o *



Tacky Macro Tuesday, AGAIN!

Hahahah brilliant!! ;’)


Blixa: Oh, you bastard! How dare you get into my private correspondence?!

Teho: *oh no, he’s going to strangle me :’o *

Labels are for Coffee Cups
Cyber: Reading in a coffee shop while listening to headphones, eh? Classic Elder.
Elder: And just what about the headphones and nose in a book scream, "COME BOTHER ME NOW!"?
Cyber: Christabel?
Elder: That's right. Just me, Coleridge, and silence. /clears throat/
Cyber: CHRISTOBEL, ah-bell, no crist-tah-bell...
Elder: Oooookay, so what kind of drugs are /looks up/- WHAT IS ON YOUR FACE?! By Cthulhu's eyes, must you ALWAYS wear such startling and preposterous Cybercessories?!
Cyber: You like my new goggles? Ah, lesbian vampires, eh?! Hey, this guy should write with Poppy Z. Brite, amiright?!
Elder: ...
Cyber: COLERIDGE. Coal-ridge. Oh, no he died July 24, 1834. Ha ha, they couldn't work together. I was just kidding.
Elder: Are you... are you somehow googling shit in order to talk to me?
Cyber: With these new googlegoggles!
Elder: I don't know if I should be flattered or pissed, so I pick flattered. Thank you for wanting to talk to me, but just be yourself... and leave me alone.
Cyber: But if I can't talk to you about poetry, silent film stars, proto-post-positive-psychedelic-pop-punk and all this other bullshit, you'll keep telling me I'm not a Goth.
Elder: WELL YOU'RE NOT! I'm mean, but that's fine for you. Just be yourself. You can hang out with us. You're like ... /sigh/ you aren't Goth but you're like, kind of, almost, in the family... the neighborhood, anyway.
Cyber: What do I have to do to be Goth enough for you?!
Elder: WHAT?! Do you know how much it killed me to say what I just did?!
Barista: Hansel? What? Dude, who is this coffee for?
Other Barista: Yeah, that guy; the Steampunk over there.
Cyber: STEAMPUNK! No, damn it! Don't search that! I AM NOT A STEAMPUNK! /tears off goggles/ AH! I'm out of the matrix! Gaaaaahhhhh!!
Elder: Ha ha ha! By, buddy! Bua hahaha!
Barista: Oh, it was for the psycho that just ran out? Oh, well. Hey, Emokid, do you want your friends drink?
Elder: Ha ha... ehhh. Just give me and shut up.
Merry Merry Un-Bird Day
Perky: Elder I can't believe you came out to my party! I must say it's been so nice to see you out and about with Batcave lately in such -relatively- good spirits!
Elder: Yes, my writing has really suffered.
Batcave: I owp imada riiiidy cizshawn.
Elder: Oh, yes- here is some money to shop, drink and be merry underneath the looming shadow of the inexorable march of death.
Batcave: Ah, caw caw caw, shoo shawshaw!
Elder: Rrr, I mean... celebrate another year of your not-dying?
Perky: The envelope looks like a casket! Tee hee! ZOMBIE LINCOLN EMERGES FROM THE CRYPT! I love it! Thanks, guys!
Elder: Yes. Goodie. Gumdrops.
Perky: This is actually a Merry Unbirthday celebration for myself, and-
Elder: Seriously?
Perky: Cyber.
Elder: Oh fuck this. I'm going back to my basement. FOR THE LOVE OF JIZZBROWNIES WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT HAT ABOUT?!
Cyber: It's like the MadHatter... OF THE FUTURRRRE! With a train!
Elder: I hate your eyes and everything that has ever happened behind them.
Perky: Elder! There won't be any scene left for you to bitch about if you keep alienating everyone! Common, I got you some absinthe, yummy yummy!
Elder: I see the tequila behind your back, LIAR. I like all the Goths here. I don't like Rainbow Bright, because he is not Goth. If you could just, see yourself... out the back door...
Post-Punker: Can we really kick that Hot Topic-Chernobyl disaster out of here? I've had to resort to taking medication to even look at him without having an episode, and those pills make me taste yellow.
Cyber: I am too Goff Enuff! Who are you to say what Goth is?It's all subjective! Ian is wearing jeans and sneakers; how is that Gothic?
Elder: You failed to notice the Jesus and Mary Chain shirt or Laughing Mother's button on his jacket with the homemade Bride of Frankenstein stencil, because you aren't Goth.
Cyber: I thought those were clothing brands.
Everyone Else: ...
Cyber: Like they sell in Zumiez?
Elder: Sooo... I get that the idea of a person being Goff Enuff isn't black or even-darker-black, but it is a lot like classifying a species.
Romantic: Or a vampire. According to this book, Elder is a "day-walker".
Elder: An animal must have feathers to be a bird, but some dinosaurs are now known to have had feathers, and while they are related to birds, dinosaurs are still not birds themselves. Ian is like a dinosaur.
Post-Punker: I am not even 40 yet.
Elder: He's not a "Goth" but he's in our family, and so deeply connected to who we are at the root, it's nearly impossible to say where he stops and I begin.
Post-Punker: Thank you? I, uh, do have a girlfriend.
Elder: No you don't. Perky is like a a Penguin-
Perky: Yay! Cute!
Elder: Because she doesn't fly, she isn't acting like you would typically expect, but she still has all the essential attributes like feathers (listens to Gothic Rock/Death Rock/etc) a beak (has interest and knowledge about Gothic literature/art/film) and and even non-essential but common traits like webby feet (she's a creative intellectual). How she isn't depressed- I mean, can't fly, is beyond me. /whispers/ (i often think she's faking it).
Perky: Webby feet! Hee hee! I waddle!
Elder: Yes, dear. Batcave is like the Peacock with his unusually ostentatious appearence, and excessive preening.
Batcave: /looks up from mirror/ Gwar?
Babybat: I think you're loosing your metaphor.
Elder: Claudia, you're like a baby Robin who is learning to fly.
Babybat: Hey, why not a Crow learning to fly?
Romantic: Can I be a Raven?!
Elder: You guys, this isn't a game... oh fuck it. Yes, you're an inept crow and you're a Raven with a bust of Pallas to sit on and everything.
Romantic: Huzzah!
Cyber: So what kind of bird am I?
Perky: Nope, don't answer that. Let us play "pin the nail in the casket"!
Elder: You are the Nintendo GameCube.
Cyber: What?!
Elder: You want to look futuristic but you look stupid while you confuse and frustrate people. Also, you are not a bird.
Cyber: So... you're saying, deep down...
Elder: Yes.
Cyber: You really think...
Elder: You should die, yes.
Elder: Oh my fuck. Give me that tequila you stupid curse of a human being.
Cyber: Yeeeah! Let's Mad Tea Party this bitch up; ROBOT STYLE!
Perky: Huzzah to that!
Elder: Only if there's beheadings afterward.

What is that Sisters of Mercy bassist always looking at?