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25 years from now cyber goth will become trad goth

::sits back with popcorn and watches eagerly::

The Damned - Cars
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The Damned covering Cars by Gary Numan - i guarantee you will not regret listening to this

Cap:  All that happened was, right, in this fucking club, I told Gary Numan “Vanian’s coming over now to have a go at you ‘cos he thinks you’ve stolen his image”, and I said to Dave “Gary’s a really nice bloke, why don’t you go and shake hands with him!” So Dave goes walking over to Gary Numan, and Gary Numan hides under a table!.



Robert Smith vs. Morrissey. I enjoy this so much omg

did someone just slip me acid

whatever is ‘appening

Eldergoth: Hey are you coming out this weekend? I'm trying to figure out if it be worth it.
Postpunker: No, you know I don't do well with Goths... except you, I mean.
Eldergoth: What are talking about?!
Postpunker: You know how I get stressed out. They wear a Dead Boys shirt they got at Hot Topic and tell me its a t shirt for an "old vampire movie."
Eldergoth: No, no, I mean -really? for fuck's sake- what I mean is YOU are a Goth... right?
Postpunker: No.
Eldergoth: What?! Oh, come on! You wear a lot of black, you watch classic horror, you paint and write poetry, you're snarky-
Postpunker: I guess I'm kind of an arty intellectual.
Cyber: Hey, what are we talking about?
Eldergoth: You are, right now, wearing a skeleton key necklace, all black clothing, and you have Talking Heads, The Fall, and Wire buttons and patches on your portfolio, we were JUST talking about Depeche Mode-
Postpunker: None of those things make me a Goth, I'm sorry.
Eldergoth: -but but but the eyeliner!
Postpunker: No.
Cyber: I'm wearing eyeliner!
Eldergoth: It's yellow.
Postpunker: I do like a lot about the whole Goth scene and all kinds of Gothic art but I just can't squeeze into that box. I'm not saying I'm better or worse than you; I'm just me. Honestly, I don't want to give up anything about myself to fit any group's mould. Do you understand?
Eldergoth: That is soooooo hardcore Goth.
Postpunker: THIS IS WHY YOU CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS! /storms away/
Cyber: Elder. elder. Elder. elder. Elder, I'm Goth. I'll hang out with you!
Cyber: /smiles/
Eldergoth: So that Additall doesn't help you pay attention then?
Eldergoth: /runs after Postpunker/ Don't leave me, Ian!
If Morrissey says don’t eat meat, then I’m going to eat meat, because I hate Morrissey
Robert Smith (via grou-se)

h/t to gothtriggers
Book Club
Victorian: //knock//knock//
Victorian: //knock//knock//
Eldergoth: Go away! I'm busy!
Victorian: How absurd! All you do is write, and if you were engaged in that all-consuming venture, you would be secluded in your alcove, releasing the proverbial hounds by now.
Eldergoth: //cracks door// What? What is it?
Victorian: Would you endeavor to embark upon-
muffled cries:
Eldergoth: You have two seconds.
Victorian: Book club- Master and Margarita- my place- 8:30
Eldergoth: That's acceptable. //tries to shut door//
Victiorian: But, pray, what was that noise? Me thinks...
Eldergoth: Look! Looky! Looky-loo at this! Melmoth the Wonderer- you want it? Yeah?! You want it?! Go get it! //throws book//
Victorian: GIMMEH!
Eldergoth: Unabridged and annotated motherfucker! //slams door//
muffled cries:
Eldergoth: I TOLD YOU; you aren't getting out of the basement until you can tell me why the phrase "Is she really going out with him?" is the perfect 'death rock' sentence; it COULD. NOT. BE. SIMPLER.
muffled cries:
Eldergoth: And re-write that essay on protogoth influences; YOU DIDN'T EVEN MENTION MARC BOLAN! Oh, why do I even bother? Book club, eh? I'm gonna need my sassing glasses...


Tacky Macro Tuesday, AGAIN!

Hahahah brilliant!! ;’)
Blixa: Oh, you bastard! How dare you get into my private correspondence?!
Teho: *oh no, he’s going to strangle me :’o *



Tacky Macro Tuesday, AGAIN!

Hahahah brilliant!! ;’)


Blixa: Oh, you bastard! How dare you get into my private correspondence?!

Teho: *oh no, he’s going to strangle me :’o *

Labels are for Coffee Cups
Cyber: Reading in a coffee shop while listening to headphones, eh? Classic Elder.
Elder: And just what about the headphones and nose in a book scream, "COME BOTHER ME NOW!"?
Cyber: Christabel?
Elder: That's right. Just me, Coleridge, and silence. /clears throat/
Cyber: CHRISTOBEL, ah-bell, no crist-tah-bell...
Elder: Oooookay, so what kind of drugs are /looks up/- WHAT IS ON YOUR FACE?! By Cthulhu's eyes, must you ALWAYS wear such startling and preposterous Cybercessories?!
Cyber: You like my new goggles? Ah, lesbian vampires, eh?! Hey, this guy should write with Poppy Z. Brite, amiright?!
Elder: ...
Cyber: COLERIDGE. Coal-ridge. Oh, no he died July 24, 1834. Ha ha, they couldn't work together. I was just kidding.
Elder: Are you... are you somehow googling shit in order to talk to me?
Cyber: With these new googlegoggles!
Elder: I don't know if I should be flattered or pissed, so I pick flattered. Thank you for wanting to talk to me, but just be yourself... and leave me alone.
Cyber: But if I can't talk to you about poetry, silent film stars, proto-post-positive-psychedelic-pop-punk and all this other bullshit, you'll keep telling me I'm not a Goth.
Elder: WELL YOU'RE NOT! I'm mean, but that's fine for you. Just be yourself. You can hang out with us. You're like ... /sigh/ you aren't Goth but you're like, kind of, almost, in the family... the neighborhood, anyway.
Cyber: What do I have to do to be Goth enough for you?!
Elder: WHAT?! Do you know how much it killed me to say what I just did?!
Barista: Hansel? What? Dude, who is this coffee for?
Other Barista: Yeah, that guy; the Steampunk over there.
Cyber: STEAMPUNK! No, damn it! Don't search that! I AM NOT A STEAMPUNK! /tears off goggles/ AH! I'm out of the matrix! Gaaaaahhhhh!!
Elder: Ha ha ha! By, buddy! Bua hahaha!
Barista: Oh, it was for the psycho that just ran out? Oh, well. Hey, Emokid, do you want your friends drink?
Elder: Ha ha... ehhh. Just give me and shut up.
Merry Merry Un-Bird Day
Perky: Elder I can't believe you came out to my party! I must say it's been so nice to see you out and about with Batcave lately in such -relatively- good spirits!
Elder: Yes, my writing has really suffered.
Batcave: I owp imada riiiidy cizshawn.
Elder: Oh, yes- here is some money to shop, drink and be merry underneath the looming shadow of the inexorable march of death.
Batcave: Ah, caw caw caw, shoo shawshaw!
Elder: Rrr, I mean... celebrate another year of your not-dying?
Perky: The envelope looks like a casket! Tee hee! ZOMBIE LINCOLN EMERGES FROM THE CRYPT! I love it! Thanks, guys!
Elder: Yes. Goodie. Gumdrops.
Perky: This is actually a Merry Unbirthday celebration for myself, and-
Elder: Seriously?
Perky: Cyber.
Elder: Oh fuck this. I'm going back to my basement. FOR THE LOVE OF JIZZBROWNIES WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT HAT ABOUT?!
Cyber: It's like the MadHatter... OF THE FUTURRRRE! With a train!
Elder: I hate your eyes and everything that has ever happened behind them.
Perky: Elder! There won't be any scene left for you to bitch about if you keep alienating everyone! Common, I got you some absinthe, yummy yummy!
Elder: I see the tequila behind your back, LIAR. I like all the Goths here. I don't like Rainbow Bright, because he is not Goth. If you could just, see yourself... out the back door...
Post-Punker: Can we really kick that Hot Topic-Chernobyl disaster out of here? I've had to resort to taking medication to even look at him without having an episode, and those pills make me taste yellow.
Cyber: I am too Goff Enuff! Who are you to say what Goth is?It's all subjective! Ian is wearing jeans and sneakers; how is that Gothic?
Elder: You failed to notice the Jesus and Mary Chain shirt or Laughing Mother's button on his jacket with the homemade Bride of Frankenstein stencil, because you aren't Goth.
Cyber: I thought those were clothing brands.
Everyone Else: ...
Cyber: Like they sell in Zumiez?
Elder: Sooo... I get that the idea of a person being Goff Enuff isn't black or even-darker-black, but it is a lot like classifying a species.
Romantic: Or a vampire. According to this book, Elder is a "day-walker".
Elder: An animal must have feathers to be a bird, but some dinosaurs are now known to have had feathers, and while they are related to birds, dinosaurs are still not birds themselves. Ian is like a dinosaur.
Post-Punker: I am not even 40 yet.
Elder: He's not a "Goth" but he's in our family, and so deeply connected to who we are at the root, it's nearly impossible to say where he stops and I begin.
Post-Punker: Thank you? I, uh, do have a girlfriend.
Elder: No you don't. Perky is like a a Penguin-
Perky: Yay! Cute!
Elder: Because she doesn't fly, she isn't acting like you would typically expect, but she still has all the essential attributes like feathers (listens to Gothic Rock/Death Rock/etc) a beak (has interest and knowledge about Gothic literature/art/film) and and even non-essential but common traits like webby feet (she's a creative intellectual). How she isn't depressed- I mean, can't fly, is beyond me. /whispers/ (i often think she's faking it).
Perky: Webby feet! Hee hee! I waddle!
Elder: Yes, dear. Batcave is like the Peacock with his unusually ostentatious appearence, and excessive preening.
Batcave: /looks up from mirror/ Gwar?
Babybat: I think you're loosing your metaphor.
Elder: Claudia, you're like a baby Robin who is learning to fly.
Babybat: Hey, why not a Crow learning to fly?
Romantic: Can I be a Raven?!
Elder: You guys, this isn't a game... oh fuck it. Yes, you're an inept crow and you're a Raven with a bust of Pallas to sit on and everything.
Romantic: Huzzah!
Cyber: So what kind of bird am I?
Perky: Nope, don't answer that. Let us play "pin the nail in the casket"!
Elder: You are the Nintendo GameCube.
Cyber: What?!
Elder: You want to look futuristic but you look stupid while you confuse and frustrate people. Also, you are not a bird.
Cyber: So... you're saying, deep down...
Elder: Yes.
Cyber: You really think...
Elder: You should die, yes.
Elder: Oh my fuck. Give me that tequila you stupid curse of a human being.
Cyber: Yeeeah! Let's Mad Tea Party this bitch up; ROBOT STYLE!
Perky: Huzzah to that!
Elder: Only if there's beheadings afterward.

What is that Sisters of Mercy bassist always looking at?

You want to know why I hate you? Well, I'll try and explain...
Perky: /knock/knock/knock/ Elder, I have a surprise for you!
Elder: Go away.
Batcave: SunerRIZEicomevRymRNINg!
Elder: Batcave? /flings open door/ You're back! /hugs/ FUCK YOU, YOU LEFT ME! /slams door/
Perky: Wha- but... you... all you wanted was Batcave back!
Batcave: bababa boooooteeful
Perky: Now, now, there's no way Elder will sulk for days, we'll come back in 5 min!
~2 weeks later~
Postpunker: So you finally came out... OF THE HOUSE, of your house.
Perky: Yeah, but Elder still isn't talking yet.
Batcave: Soooootured.
Postpunker: I know, I brought him a present.
Perky: I don't know, dear. I left cupcakes on Elder's doorstep Wednesday, and ze set them on fire. My homemade cupcakes... so pretty...
Mallgoth: Hey, guys, so this is where we hang out? Took you long enough to invite me. Are we gonna do some meth, or some sacrificing or what?
Postpunker: A sacrifice.
Perky: Oh, heavens to Siouxsie! What kind of "gift" is this?
Mallgoth: Hey, baby, is that a Cure shirt? You really think they're GOFF ENUFF?
Elder: /twitch/
Perky: WHAT?
Mallgoth: I mean Friday I'm in Love, Just Like Heaven, Boys Don't Cry- it's really just pop when you think about it. I like Slipknot, ever heard of it?
Elder: /supertwitch/ THAT'S IT, GOETHE DAMMIT!! What albums do you actually know? Disintegration?
Mallgoth: Galore, the disco one.
Perky: Your confusing the greatest hits album with-
Eldergoth: I have a compilation for you, buddy! I'm going to drag you to a cage in my basement flat and we can listen to The Same Deep Water As You, Apart, How Beautiful You Are, Faith, then all of Pornography, and finally we'll listen to Charlotte Sometimes on repeat until we kill ourselves.
Perky: ELDER!
Eldergoth: *Want* to kill ourselves. AH hahahahHAhahahahahAHaha!!
Mallgoth: Help me.
Postpunker: It is done.
Perky: Well, it's nice to see hir talk and laugh again!
...(we got to get that cage away from Elder)