Warning: Possible Goth Triggers
Do you have a moment to talk about The Crow our lord and savior?

Reaction to the crow (via idreamofcorsets)

Funny, I was going to ask if you had heard the Good News about David Bowie!

How embarrassing!


Yet another facet of the Chameleon: meme model

did you know that your brain is so addicted to making sense of things that it makes up a story for a sequence of images even if there is none?

* I don’t know where these images came from. Just the first one.

They walk amongst us


They’re out there, walking amongst us. Breathing our air. They look like us; talk like us. They may be your friend, your lover. Your family. They smile as you smile and drink coffee and eat bagels, as you may well do. They go to your gym or your school, you may work with them. You may have accidentally married one of them. But do not be fooled. They are not like us. But they are not like you, they are not like me.

They are people who don’t like David Bowie.

Guys, have you HEARD Bon Jovi?!




life hack: if you are ever invited to a 70’s theme party, ALWAYS assume it is the 1770’s and dress up as a founding father

#actually assume 1770s and 1970s#dress as david bowie dressed as a founding father



If you’re kind of doing this ^ already…


When you find something fabulously goth in the thrift store



David Bowie giving birth on stage.

Is this the story of Peter Murphy?


David Bowie giving birth on stage.

Is this the story of Peter Murphy?

Bowie and the Pickle, by Sally Mairs

I don’t even know what sorcery this is…

Hey, did you know that Bowie was tge first option to play The Joker in an 80's Batman film that never was filmed? I think that would have been great


Oh really? Didn’t know that! 

Yeah that would of been amazing. 

If this just sent you on an emotional roller coaster you were not prepared for…

What babe?…Aw damn it!!

What babe?

Aw damn it!!


My dash did a thing again


My dash did a thing again

you dont like David Bowie?


Well played Bowie.