Warning: Possible Goth Triggers


*inhuman vampiric crying sounds*

::incoherent Vampire Witch Queen screeching::

sweet god halp mehOctober is already my worst month…



*inhuman vampiric crying sounds*

::incoherent Vampire Witch Queen screeching::

sweet god halp meh

October is already my worst month…


When I die please get the priest to say “funk to funky” instead of “dust to dust”

Request a Goth kids to take their band promo photos on your grave and you are set.

(They’ll come back to picnic every year- it’s like releasing monarchs in your garden.)


Ve Neill is my favorite makeup artist of all time. 

Goth trigger: makeup.


Para on our amazing new chair ❤

Mmmhmm, I see.

Let’s expand on that; how did it make you feel?

Lipsticks for the apocalypse.

Lipsticks for the apocalypse.

Do you have a moment to talk about The Crow our lord and savior?

Reaction to the crow (via idreamofcorsets)

Funny, I was going to ask if you had heard the Good News about David Bowie!

How embarrassing!





i feel like this is a key & peele sketch.

Prob. one of my favorite things is when people refer to all vampires as “draculas”.

Watch out for umpires.

Abby may look like a freak, but she’s a church-going patriot.

June Thomas, Slate Magazine, about the perkygoth from NCIS, November 2011. 

I do not understand this sentence. 

Overheard a kid say they want to be a super villain who never hurts anybody.

So it begins…

I saw your post on fashion, and in spite of your advice to avoid certain inspiration pages, I have to say that you just gave candy to a diabetic. Good, healthy examples for inspiration will be Sarah Palin, or any female modern country singer. Tiny shorts and hot weather. You couldnt get any classier. Only if you get a pearl necklace, then yes, classier and classier.

Good point!

You’re certainly right to specify “modern” country singers. Old country artists used to wear a lot of black and sing about really depressing shit.


But now they sing about how COUNTRY they are and scream in designer clothing from their hydrolic hemi quad cab at you to stop judging their  old fashioned values with your pricey latte, your school-learning, and your fancy bicycle.


Will you PLEASE leave these simple country folk alone?! 


I’d love to wear things like this, but I’d go over 6’ if I did, and I’ve been informed that its not becoming to tower over or be as tall as the men around. 

Are you having an unexplained hotflash, or just a reaction to boots? These are the questions.

I woke up at five am and just realized I spent the whole day in my room listening to bauhaus albums on repeat while scanning etsy for pendants help


oh no I think i’m turning goth


You have a vampire rock star’s picture on your clothing.

Once you’ve got their picture, you’ve got their picture. Then you want a million of ‘em all ‘round yourself.

Turning horror punk, I think you’re turning horror punk. I really think so.