Warning: Possible Goth Triggers
I saw your post on fashion, and in spite of your advice to avoid certain inspiration pages, I have to say that you just gave candy to a diabetic. Good, healthy examples for inspiration will be Sarah Palin, or any female modern country singer. Tiny shorts and hot weather. You couldnt get any classier. Only if you get a pearl necklace, then yes, classier and classier.

Good point!

You’re certainly right to specify “modern” country singers. Old country artists used to wear a lot of black and sing about really depressing shit.


But now they sing about how COUNTRY they are and scream in designer clothing from their hydrolic hemi quad cab at you to stop judging their  old fashioned values with your pricey latte, your school-learning, and your fancy bicycle.


Will you PLEASE leave these simple country folk alone?! 

I recently bought a decent amount of clothes while in a dark yet a smidge colorful fashionista mindset and I'm afraid I didn't think much on how it'll display my personality. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to keep their look classy, simple, and with a touch of color yet still show as goth? I feel like if I'm just goth through music choice and aesthetic/art then I'm losing a part of myself. I have no talent in accessories and don't know how to go back to looking like a femme fatale.

All of them. All the accessories. All the accessories you can accessorize are potential Gothic paraphernalia. For example; Etsy.

Here’s some blogs to avoid:





Have a suggestion?

I woke up at five am and just realized I spent the whole day in my room listening to bauhaus albums on repeat while scanning etsy for pendants help


i just spent 80 dollars on victorian brooches. help

Wha- seriously? I just told someone else not to spend 80 dollars on black pirate shirts and get a flowy, colorful, romantic flower dress instead- and you just went and-

Please remember Walmart in your shopping future.

Well. It’s done. I know someone who’s unimpressed:


I've had the strong urge lately to read Romantic poetry in a graveyard lately under a strong tree in the shade with a picnic basket nearby. Could I be coming down with goth flu?


I don’t think you have to be quarantined but I recommend:

  • chicken noodle soup
  • sprite or tea
  • resting on the couch watching reality television
  • listening to ska, apparently
  • getting a healthy dose of Fox News
Is listening to ska a step forward in recovery? On one hand, what could be less goth than bright, peppy horns, but on the other, I'm trading one genre of music that no one's cared about for approximately 20 years for another.

It’s a big step forward! I’ve never seen a Goth dance to ska but, if my math is correct, it would shake the black off of their clothes.

I did chase some Goths down with Ska music, back in my more active days. They hid in corridors which fall away at the happy horn hootenanny like the walls of Jericho.

I once had this dream where I was part of a vampire clan and for some reason our preferred method of travel was a minivan, so I called it the 'vanpire' and I'm still proud for coming up with that in my sleep.

You almost ruined vans for me.

Here's some good news! My local clothes shops seem to have moved away from that horrible gawfic trend and are now stocking only pastels! Even better, it seems to be a world wide trend! Rejoice!


Say it again.


That’s beautiful.

I just received my Amazon order of "Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music" and "The Dark Reign of Gothic Rock: In The Reptile House with The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and The Cure." Is there hope for me, or should I just be quarantined?

I don’t know how many times I have tried to warn you people about reading! 

Wait, except for my blog- keep reading that.

I’m sorry, it’s quarantine time. The van will be arriving shortly, if you want to do us the courtesy of sedating yourself.


Dear gothtriggers I am considering dropping $80+ on flowy romantic goth clothing. Help?

I have just the thing!


What? Flowers are romantic!

Curse this summer heat. It makes make up harder to pull off. I mean perfectly blended deathly palor and eyeshadow can become unfortunate corpsepaint really quickly. When you intend to go forth as an ethereal creature of the darkness but end up looking like a BAAAAAAD mallgoth/black metal fan in the process. I love autumn and winter. So much easier to dress spooky.

Thank you, global warming.

Whenever I go shopping for color I come back with all black! Help I'm addicted to the dark o.o

Try dressing yourself in normal clothes in a dark room, and then avoid mirrors.

You know… like a vampire!

I lost one of my black blouses and turns out it had been on the floor for days but it had fused with my black bedsheets so I never saw it. Help.

Here’s a useful chart for picking clothing by color: